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    How long does each coaching session last?

    Each session lasts 14 to 20 minutes. We know the value of your time and focus our attention to the essence of the sessions by stripping all traditional unnecessary time-wasting formalities.

    The process of each coaching session.

    Each coaching session has been researched, designed and recorded carefully to give the maximum result. All you need to do is listen and interact to the voice of the coach (multimedia presentation). This process has been applied after testing it many times for maximum effectiveness and impact.

    1. Subject of coaching session, it starts with a short introduction of the subject.

    2. A Relaxation period follows to put the client in a receptive state.

    3. A change technique is applied to generate the desired state, skills or desired change.

    4. Integration period , a short time is allocated for integrating changes into unconscious mind and programming the brain for manifesting the desired results naturally and unconsciously.

    5. Refreshing period, the session ends with some refreshing suggestions to balance your energy for the rest of the day.

    6. The end of the session, all these phases happen in 14 to 20 minutes.

    What results can I expect?

    Practically you can set the level of results you wish to get. You can repeat listening the coaching sessions as much as you want until you get the result you want.

    How soon can I get the results?

    Immediately, as soon as you start listening, you will feel better and by the time you finish the session, changes have already happened in you. The integration of new changes continues to grow in the next few weeks and your desired results, outcomes and states begin to appear in your work and life naturally and unconsciously.

    How long will it take me to access the sessions?

    Research shows that between the times that you identify a problem to resolve, a challenge to face or a skill to learn, and the time to find the right coach, and finally address the issue, it takes a long time that it might never get solved.

    To address the issue promptly you can with new technology coaching. All you need to do is to go to our site, look at the subject list, identify the issue that you want to address and click on it. The visual presentation and the voice of your master coach will guide you through and enable you to resolve the problem, master the skills and address the issue immediately before it is too late.

    How much it costs?

    Our coaching team and other top coaches charge between 800 to 2000/day for one days face to face coaching. Our same coaching team have made unlimited coaching available to you on over 120 + subjects at the fraction of the cost. This is the big bonus.

    Each person can improve on at least 120 + skills for the same cost for improving a few skills in one day traditional coaching. Limited coaching means limited possibilities.

    You can save more than 80 percent of your coaching budget and receive unlimited coaching.

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