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Dr Richard Bandler - Find Out More About The Genius Dr Richard Bandler, The Founder of NLP!

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Richard Bandler - A genius who became a friend

Dr Borr

When I had lost even hope of making major changes, I turned around my life in a much easier way than I had expected. When bad things happen, you think, they never end. Now I conclude that everything ends, even good moments that you wish they last forever. The point is good things do not happen unless you make them happen. Bad things happen even when you try to stop them. When I had lost hope, good things happened and today they continue to happen. I make them happen.

But that happened with the help of one-man: Richard Bandler, a man that I came to know later, a genius that became a friend.

Richard Bandler was born in a Jewish family. His grandparents and many of his relatives were eliminated by Nazi Germany. When he spoke of his eliminated relatives I could see the hurt in his eyes. His hands began to shake and his voice turned emotional. It was not that easy to talk about those events. He refused several invitations to go to Switzerland for teaching NLP as the Swiss government had refused to support his relatives during dark days.

This happened in a private conversation that I had with him. Although this is his family background, Richard Bandler made me and hundreds of other students laugh in his courses. His creativity for turning simple things in very laughable situations is just outstanding. He can turn any event into a very laughable matter. I do not think that there is anybody else who can make his audience laugh so much. Even some of the students from the Scandinavian countries who are usually very cold, began laughing after being present in his courses. He believes that laughing make students relaxed enough to absorb the ideas well without taking notes. He recommends that nobody must take note from his teaching.

The way he teaches NLP is quite unique and very different from the official way of teaching. His stories and jokes make the audience laugh and become relaxed and open up for learning. Richard Bandler turns a lot of entertaining stories. Each story has a particular message. Several stories are told at the same time without finishing one he goes to another one and without finishing that one he goes to next one but at the end he finishes all. By using this method he plants several related messages which are designed for creating change. People do not change because they are told to change. Richard Bandler believes that the change happens if it goes directly into the unconscious mind without any prohibition. It is the conscious mind that stops change. When you are directly told to change or use instructions to change, the conscious mind immediately becomes active and stops changes being acceptable and absorbable.

Richard Bandler uses stories to change complicated experiences. He knows that the stories make change more possible than any other way. In the old times, the only way of learning was storytelling. People learnt by hearing stories. The children began to learn from the stories that their parents told them. The kind of stories that the children were told created the kind of life that they led later in life. Storytelling therefore is a proven way of teaching and learning. When it is accompanied by a very strong sense of humor learning becomes more possible and accessible.

Richard Bandler tries to make sure that the audience feels good through laughing, become relaxed through the friendly environment that is created and receive messages of hope and change by carefully designed stories. The audience learns many things at the same time: the art of storytelling, the art of telling jokes, the art of creativity of turning every event into a very entertaining and educational event, and arranging change by working with the unconscious mind.

Those students who go to his in NLP courses and expect a traditional way of learning, initially become disappointed and even irritated but as the teaching continues they feel that they are opening up to the new way of learning. NLP could be taught more effectively the way Richard Bandler teaches it rather than other NLP trainers. I was able to learn Richard Bandler's way of teaching very quickly. I loved it as I had a great sense of humor myself. I have written thousands of jokes and therefore, I know laughing can make people become healthier and happier.
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