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Improve Your Sales Skills Using NLP. Selling With Confidence Using NLP - NLP Sales

make the sale with nlp
Sell With Confidence Using The Power Of NLP
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4 NLP CDs on creating influence by Reza Borr

Reza Borr, Creater of NLC

Our policy: To offer our customers high quality products central to your development at low prices.

When you listen to all 4 CDs you will be able to:

  • To sell with confidence

  • To develop the 7 qualities of top salespersons

  • To master the 7 skills of top salespersons

  • To go in the right state of mind when they sell

  • To turn resistance into attraction

  • To handle rejection comfortably

  • To improve performance

  • To Establish individual and organisational goals.

  • To persuade clients to perform better

  • To increase productivity

  • To establish rapport quickly and easily

  • To lead clients to decision point

  • To negotiate successfully

  • To close deals

  • To maintain good relations with customers

  • To make yourself a natural sales person

  • These CDs are for you:

  • If you are a sales person

  • If you are working in the sales, marketing & advertisement Dept

  • If you are a leader or manager determined to succeed in increasing sales

  • If you are a leader or manager coaching others

  • If you are a coach, coaching sales persons

  • If you are a trainer, providing training on sales

  • If you wish to become a sales person

  • If you are a sales person determined to improve your performance

  • c
    Tips For Excellence

  • Over 200 hundred simple and effective strategies for success. Practical strategies for achieving excellence.
  • Motivational Stories

  • These short inspirational stories help you empower yourself and others, facilitate change and inspire action

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    Delivery time: In our efforts to provide excellent customer service we aim to ship the same or next working day. Please email us if you require the product urgently and we will do our best to to ship the same day.

    Buy Now: Sell With Confidence Using The Power Of NLP + 2 ebooks: £19
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