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An Excellent Guide to Coaching | Become A Great Coach And Have An Overwhelming Effect

Become a great personal coach

Manual Of Coaching For Peak Performance

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A Practical guide for Coaches and Mentors

An ebook With 4 CDs By Reza Borr

Reza Borr, Creater of NLC

Saving for NLP CDs by Dr Richard Bandler

Our policy: To offer our customers high quality products central to your development at low prices.

About the ebook: This is the A-Z of coaching and mentoring

It covers the principles of coaching, case studies, language of coaching, process of a session, relationship between the coach and coachee, qualities of great coaches and many other subjects.

  • The book shows you how to start a session, how to go through, how to lead your client and how to get to the right outcome.

  • It guides you step-by-step in dealing your clients.

  • It helps you focus on your target and achieve it.

  • It provides you with stories that can bring change.

  • It gives you some models for change in organizational environments

  • It gives you guidelines for group coaching, formulating organizational, personal and national visions.

  • It helps you transform yourself into a great performer while you help others become great performers.

    About the CDs:

    These 3 CDs will help you:

  • Develop the qualities of a great coach

  • Master all the skills you need to become a great coach

  • Bring the best in your clients

    These CDs cover different aspects of developing your career as a coach. They are designed to help you perform at the highest level.

    How do you benefit from having this Package?

  • It gives you a comprehensive manual for all your coaching and mentoring needs.

  • You can look at different sections of the book when you begin a coaching session to improve your coaching abilities.

  • It improves your coaching capabilities.

  • It helps you establish very constructive relationship with your coachee.

  • It will increase your performance.

  • It provides you with all the techniques and principles of coaching and mentoring

  • It will increase your income dramatically.

  • Who can benefit from this package?

    1. If you are a coach and you want to excel in your coaching practice

    2. If you want to become a successful coach

    3. If you are a mentor and you want to excel in your mentoring practice

    4. If you want to be a mentor and excel in your job

    5. If you are a manager and you want to coach your colleagues

    6. If you are a parent and want to coach your children

    7. If you are a sports coach and want to create superstars

    8. If you want to coach yourself to excel in what you do

    This package includes the following 2 ebooks by Reza Borr:
    Tips For Excellence

  • Over 200 hundred simple and effective strategies for success. Practical strategies for achieving excellence.
  • Motivational Stories

  • These short inspirational stories help you empower yourself and others, facilitate change and inspire action

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    Manual Of Coaching Package. Only £34.

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