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coaching your children

Coaching & Inspiring Children & Teenagers

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4 CDs on giving children purpose and focus by Reza Borr

Reza Borr, Creater of NLC

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Your children are your responsibilities.

Your children become what you make them or what you don't make them. Your children will become what you have programmed them to become consciously or unconsciously.

Your children are your most important investment in yourself to be extended in future. Your children are you; but they hardly become what you are and what you intend for them to become.

It is not important what are your intentions for your children. It is important what you plan and what you do for your children so that your intentions turn into reality. There is no doubt that you have great intentions for your children but you have never attended a course or read a book about how to bring up your children and turn your intentions into working skills.

People attend courses on almost everything except parenting and raising children and coaching teenagers.

Everybody thinks that they know how to raise good children. If that was the case, why our children do not become what we want them to become.

Nobody wants his children to become criminals, outlaws or low achievers but nobody cares to learn how to coach and train their children to become successful instead of becoming criminals and low achievers who struggle to make a living.

It is a puzzle to know why the people we love most do not get the kind of training and coaching that they deserve. We invest in everything except in investing in ourselves to learn the skills of raising good and capable children.

How do you benefit from having this Package?

Think of your children for a moment. Imagine how they will be in the future. Think of the impact you have made on them. Think of the responses and reactions they have given to you.

Most of successful people do not succeed in raising successful children. What has happened to the children of Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Margaret Thatcher?

But just imagine if the children of these people were as much successful as they themselves?

Raising successful children requires special skills. I have coached many parents who have decided to raise successful and brilliant children.

The CDs are designed to give you some important skills in coaching and raising children in a healthy and constructive way.

1. These CDs coach you to coach your children.

2. These CDs coach you to give you children a meaningful purpose in life.

3. These CDs coach you to give feedback to your children in a friendly and way.

4. These CDs coach you to assess the work of your children positively.

5. These CDs coach you to make your children more receptive to advice.

6. These CDs can give you the opportunity to learn the skills of those parents who have raised great children.

7. These CDs show you how to establish friendly relationships with your children.

8. These CDs are made to make you capable of making the future of your children bright and beautiful.

9. These CDs are also your tools for correcting the past relationships with children into the kind of relationships that you desire to have.

10. These CDs will help you to create the future of your children now.

This package includes the following 2 ebooks by Reza Borr:
Tips For Excellence

  • Over 200 hundred simple and effective strategies for success. Practical strategies for achieving excellence.
  • Motivational Stories

  • These short inspirational stories help you empower yourself and others, facilitate change and inspire action

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