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Vision Building: How To Create A Personal Vision?

Your Purpose, Your vision | Create Your Personal Vision

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Do you know what you want? Do you get what you want? Do you have a personal vision?

We asked a group of 50 people this question. 80 per cent said they knew what they wanted. Then we asked, "Do you know what to know to get what you want?" About 40 per cent said, "yes." we asked the third question, "Do you do what you know?" Only 20 per cent said, "yes." Then we asked the 4th question, "Do you excel in what to do?" Only five per cent said, " yes."

No wonder many people don't get what they want.

We also asked the following questions:

Do you get what you want? Or do you get what you communicate? Or do you get what you plan for? Or do you get what you deserve? Or do you get what you are?

The last question appealed to the most of the audience. Some of the audience believed that you get what you want if what you want is what you are. Another group also believed that you get what you communicate, if what you communicate is what you are. Some also believed that you could get what you deserve provided that you are what you deserve.

It seemed that getting what you want to is directly related to what you are. Identity plays a major role in the fulfilment of the goals and objectives. If your vision is related to what you are, you are more likely to get it.

Why the majority of people or absolutely everybody, can find a partner, husband or a wife? Because having a partner, a husband or a wife is considered to be an integral part of your identity.

Therefore, if you make your personal vision, goal or objective part of your identity, you are more likely to gain it.

Your Personal Vision | Online Coaching

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  • Take effective actions to realise your vision

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