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Reconciliation After An Argument - How To Avoid Arguing?

Arguments and Arguing | How To Avoid Arguing? Reconciliation After An Argument

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"The best way to win an argument is to avoid it. " Master Morad

Arguments happen everyday. They usually create stress and tension. Stress and tensions cause strain in relationships and consequently damage your well-being and reduce your performance.

In one of my seminars there were about fifty people. I asked them if they had won any argument. Three people raised their hands. One of them was a lawyer who had won a case in the court and two others were politicians who had won arguments debating different issues on television.

When I asked the rest if they have won an argument with their family members, nobody raised hands. When I asked them who has won an argument with employees and colleagues, nobody raised hands. When I asked who had won an argument with partners or friends, nobody raised hands.

The amazing thing was that when I asked who has been involved in arguments, all of them raised their hands. When I asked them why do you get involved in arguing although you know that you are not going to win? The answers were similar and simple. It seems to be an instinctive action. It seems to be a choice that comes and gets momentum and turns into a big thing.

When I asked people what were the consequences of arguing most of them agreed that it created resentment and conflict. So, while we know that the arguing and arguments do not bringing the right results, yet, why unconsciously we get involved in them? We do not get what we want from arguing, but in fact, we generate resistance in other people for getting what we want at a later stage.

When I asked the audience what was the substitution for argument, all of them agreed that it was persuasion. Almost all of them confessed that they have tried to be persuasive but arguments erupted out of persuasion automatically. They said it was very difficult to change an argumentative approach into a persuasive approach.

In fact it is very easy to change. It is very easy to be a consistent persuader.

"My silence has convinced many people, my argument never." "I am glad to announce that after every argument I convince the other person that what I said was not convincing." Master Morad

Reconciliation After An Argument | Online Coaching

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Online Coaching Objectives:

  • Find a way for reconciliation immediately after an argument
  • Stop stress and tension from damaging your system and your health and your relationships
  • Increase your capability for handling an argument positively

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