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Interview Coaching & Tips Which Will Lead To Interview Success & Personal Development

Job Hunting And Succeeding In Interviews

   NLP International - Reza Borr

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The employers are looking for people who make things happen and get things done with high-quality and on time. To make things happen you need the right skills but more important than professional skills, are the qualities of a human being that shape his attitude and his performance.

What your write in your CV does not give a complete picture of you. It gives some information. If you know how to organise information to match the requirements of the employers, you have the chance for interview. Once you are in the interview room you have to exhibit the kind of character, skills, and qualities that the employers are looking for. This is a great art to understand what kind of character, qualities and skills an employer is looking for. You can learn these things by paying attention to what the employers say and asking questions.

To succeed in the job interview you have to master the following points:

1. Before going to the interview you have to imagine yourself as your desired self in a way that is required by the employers. You have to imagine what kind of people they want and make yourself what they desire to have.

2. You need to remove the fear of authority from within your character and your mind. The authorities can always generate immense fear in everybody. The generated fear can destabilise the person and makes him shake. This state results in embarrassment while you need unshakable confidence.

3. Self-confidence is enormously required in succeeding in interviews. Self-confident people radiate positive vibrations that create good feelings in other people. The way the employers talk to self-confident people is very different from talking to frightened candidates. They talk with respect to confident people.

4. The basis for self-confidence is a deep sense of relaxation. Relaxation softens your muscles and your voice and enables you to express yourself more fluently. The most relaxed people become tense when they are under pressure and nothing is tenser than the job interview. Therefore you have to learn the art of relaxing under pressure.

5. Relaxation is the product of your positive state. If you can achieve positive states in awkward situations you can retain a sense of relaxation which in turn, retains your self-confidence. The question is how to achieve a positive state in such a situation? A positive state is something that you can learn through mastering certain techniques. Once you mastered the techniques you can make a positive state available in yourself in different conditions.

6. Once you are able to bring in yourself all these different skills and qualities, you have to now how to renegotiate. After all, an interview is the place where you have to use every bit of your negotiations skills to present yourself as somebody who is needed.

7. To make negotiations skills succeed you have to create rapport with the employers. Rapport is the key for creating trust in the employers that you are the right person for them.

8. When you can secure the trust of the employers and given the impression that you can do what they want you to do in high-quality and on time and you can get along with other people and learn the culture and the vision of the company, you succeed in interviews.

Success In Interviews, Create Trust

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  • Learn the advanced skills of passing an interview

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