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Raising Children, Coaching Children, Inspiring Children

Raising Brilliant Children

   NLP International - Reza Borr

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It has been said that the creator of a product is greater than the product itself. If we accept this presupposition we have to accept that the parents and the teachers of great men were greater than the great men. This is at least true for the parents, teachers, coaches and mentors.

We know Edison. We know Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft. We know the names of dozens of great people but we don't know anything about the people who raised them and helped them unleash their potentials. We don't know how the parents of Edison and Bill Gates brought them up. If there were more parents like the parents of Bill Gates or Edison there would have been more Edison and Bill Gates. In fact the number of successful parents and teachers are as small as the number of the great people. These kind of parents have special skills that the ordinary parents do not have. Children are children everywhere; these are the parents and teachers that make children different in terms of success an happiness.

I have tried in these CDs to elicit the skills, qualities and strategies of parents, coaches and teachers who have raised great people. I hope that you can use them to unleash the best in the children you are responsible for their future. The parents or teachers learn more about coaching children to succeed when they study the successful parents: creators of the great people.

What your students or children become depends to a large extent to what you make of them. Now it is your choice to make them what they can become. It is you who make children what they become but you were never trained for this great job adequately. These CDs are the beginning of a bright future that you can create for those you love and care for. If you think of your own parents, teachers, coaches and mentors, you can imagine what they could have done for you and they did not.


NOW it is time for you to do for your students and children what yours might not have done for you.

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