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13 Neuro Linguistic Programing CDs by Dr Richard Bandler
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Saving for NLP CDs by Dr Richard Bandler

Richard Bandler, Creater of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing)
Our policy: To offer our customers high quality products central to their development at low prices. At our cusotmers are the priority.

As a coaching company we are aware of NLP and the possibilities it can offer. These CDs provide a wonderful opportunity to hear and learn from the best in Neuro Linguistic Programing.

These CDs were recorded live and were produced from an NLP practitioner course that Dr Bandler and Reza Borr co-presented in India. This is a unique opportunity to listen to and learn from the person who created NLP. 500 guru loving Indians were cheering him up as he demonstrated the application of NLP on many complex issues.

Dr Bandler always talks about his Indian experience as a revealing journey that inspired him to produce some of the best Neuro Linguistic Programing CDs.

You can not buy these CDs anywhere else.

Are these Neuro Linguistic Programing CDs for you?
They are:

... if you want to learn, improve or master the art of Neuro Linguistic Programing

... if you want to learn to teach Neuro Linguistic Programing more effectively following the

... if you want to take your Neuro Linguistic Programing skills to a higher level

... If you want to make some changes in your life or learn new skills.

These CDs were recorded live at an Neuro Linguistic Programing Practitioner seminar (in India) conducted by Dr Richard Bandler . Dr Richard Bandler was at the top of his state at this time and we have only recently started distributing them. The information on these recordings is excellent and provides a wonderful opportunity to hear and learn from Dr Richard Bandler, the most creative talent in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programing.
What these NLP CDs can do for you?

NLP & Coaching Center  teach you how to teach NLP
NLP & Coaching Center  ;they cover all the important issues, techniques, principles, and presuppositions of Neuro-Linguistic Programing

NLP & Coaching Center  help bring the best in you

NLP & Coaching Center   help you remove negativity and unwanted perceptions and habits.

NLP & Coaching Center  improve your own knowledge of NLP by listening to the best in Neuro Linguistic Programing

ebooks that come with this NLP package
Part of the NLP package for your personal development

  • Over 200 hundred simple and effective strategies for success. Practical strategies for achieving excellence.
  • Part of the NLP package for your personal development

  • These short inspirational stories help you empower yourself and others, facilitate change and inspire action

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    13 NLP CDs + 2 ebooks :£84

    13 NLP CDs + 2 ebooks + Coaching CD: £104
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