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FREE Personal & Executive Coaching Online

Be inspired with professional NLP coaching in the convenience of your own home or office! Enhance your career, widen your personal and executive skills and increase performance with 120 in-demand coaching sessions in the following categories:

  • Management
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Excellence
  • Stress Management
  • Career Progression
  • Health
  • Fears
  • Parenting

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    NLP Coaching

    | How personal & executive coaching works?
    Designed for complete convenience and maximum impact using NLP Coaching, Yoga and more personal development solutions!

    This is marketing leading technology designed for your personal development. We ensure your personal development is a easy process on all aspects through career progression coaching, health coaching, management coaching and parenting coaching. Our NLP coaches have researched, designed, created, recorded, produced and placed over 120 personal coaching sessions on this powerful site using the latest online technologies. It is as if a life and NLP coach is in front of you coaching and inspiring you on the subject of your choice. Just listen & interact to the high impact audio & visual multimedia Session.

    Each NLP coaching session takes about 15 minutes to complete. This meets all the requirements of nlp coaching, personal coaching, executive coaching and management coaching. This can also be described as e-coaching and e-learning.

    Online NLP Coaching & Training for Personal & Executive Use |

    Coaching Benefits
    You will have access to unlimited NLP coaching 24 hours a day convering subjects from parenting, coaching children to stress management and personal development. Both individuals and businesses therefore benifit greatly from our coaching offering. You can create your personal and business vision, create goals and achieve the change required to excel in what you do. It is a motivating process to speed up your personal development. Both our personal coaching and executive coaching course is free and fun to use. This is online coaching but also known as e-coaching.

    Online NLP Coaching & Training

    What our NLP customers say?
    We have helped over 10,000 people and executives achieve their personal and business objectives.

    "Highly recommended. We simply don't have the time or money for traditional personal or executive coaching. This is so convenient. I can see a big improvement in the attitude and performance of my team." Matthew Jackson, NBA

    "Very effective coaching and a great service." Nick Jones

    Personal Coaching Chair

    12 NLP CDs by Dr Richard Bandler

    SPECIAL OFFER - 40 off!

    Richard Bandler, Creater of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
  • Hear & learn from the best in NLP
  • Learn, improve & master NLP
  • NLP Best-Seller!

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  • nlp training

    Become a great personal coach

    Manual Of Coaching by Reza Borr

  • Become a great coach & motivator
  • Learn the art of coaching

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  • Reza Borr, Creater of NLC (Neuro Linguistic Coaching)
    coaching your children Coaching Children CDs by Reza Borr

  • Your children are your products
  • Inspire your children forever

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  • Create your personal vision NLP - Sell With Confidence by Reza Borr

  • Turn resistance into attraction
  • Win trust & gain confidence

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  • personal coach

    Personal Coaching Online

    We make personal coaching more personal. Develop your skills in all areas of personal & professional life.

    Free Personal Coaching!

    executives being coached

    Executive Coaching Online

    Executive coaching is just a few clicks away. Enhance your executive skills now. Save time & energy.

    Free Executive Coaching!

        Coaching Facts, Statistics & Research:

    Investment in coaching realises an average return on investment of 6 times the cost of coaching. Participating companies realised improvements in productivity (by 53%). They were also more likely to retain executives that were coached (by 32%). It is not just within business. Football managers and even football players at the highest level are reported to have had extensie personal and team building training.
    Online coaching facilitates more openness for many people and executives. When we engage into face-to-face executive coaching, there are certain reservations to be observed. Just not seeing each other brings more openness in online coaching, making personal and executive coaching more personal. Personal and executive subjects range from team building, blaming others, surviving tough times, avoid arguing, resolving conflict to raising brilliant children.
    The challenges of personal and executive coaching are evident. When searching for a face to face coach, the right life coach, executive coach or personal coach is hard to find. Coaching is expensive. Coaching is time consuming. There is always a delay between wanting coaching or NLP coaching and receiving it. Our personal coaching technology is the ideal solution.
    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is becoming an increasingly important discipline, especially for executives and businesses. Created and inspired by Dr Richard Bandler, NLP has changed the lives of thousands of people. Neuro Linguistic Coaching (NLC) is the art coaching in NLP, created by Dr Reza Borr.
    NLP Training online applies NLP principles in our new NLP coaching technology for fast and effective change. The change work happens naturally using the power of NLP, wth your very own NLP coach. Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the creators of NLP, concluded that successful behaviors are the results of the goals which have been taken through the NLP process of well-formed outcomes.
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